The Court – Build a family. Build a team.

Episodes available on BarçaTV+

Matchday 2 producers present the new documentary in which all the secrets from the best european basketball team are unfold.

Behind the ball’s giants there’re big human beings who embraced our cameras as one of themselves. We delve deep in their everyday, in their focus and the off-duty, in their lights and also in their shadows.

Director of The Court, Adrián Selva, offers an intimate vision of Barça Basket distributed in 6 episodes from the end of season 2019/2020 to every event in season 2020/2021.

The Court tells the highlights of important events such as the arrival of Pau Gasol back to his beloved club, the hardest moments of Victor Claver’s injury or the uncertainty of Nikola Mirotic before a clásico when he contracted covid virus.