‘La Decisión’ Breaking the Limits

Antoine Griezmann decides to stay in Atlético de Madrid through a very intimate documentary setting a precedent in Spanish sports communication.

We’ve seen it before in American formats, but for the very first time the private life of a footballer is unveiled in front of a TV camera to offer a much more intimate and real side of the story.

Leaving no space to miss understoods and in a very organic way, that’s the way Henry Querales, director of ‘La Decisión’, wanted to tell the story that could change the course of one of the greatest footballers career.

The documentary is the sum of many months of shootings where all the characters involved in the decision are present. From his close family to el Cholo or Godín, all of them are an active part of the 30- minute- documentary. All involved in one question: Will Griezmann stay in Atlético?

After a few conversations with his wife and closest friends and thinking out loud, the french striker unveils in front of HACHE and Kosmos cameras that his journey in Atlético de Madrid is not over yet. This way of communication establishes new rules in Spanish sports journalism, which credibility is being more and more questioned.