‘FC Barcelona, A New Era’ is the new production of FC Barcelona in collaboration with HACHE

This December 28, 2022, one of FC Barcelona’s longest-running audiovisual projects will premiere on Amazon as a co-production with Barça Studios, Studio La Serie, TBS, and HACHE.

This docu-reality about the Barcelona Football men’s team and which narrates the day-to-day life of the most relevant events of one of the most hectic periods in the club’s history, will be broadcasted on Amazon and will be simultaneously available in a large crowd of countries.

In a piece that is divided into two parts with 9 chapters, HACHE witnesses an essential historical period in the club: the documentary covers how the global alert generated by the Covid-19 virus was experienced from within the club and the arrival of Xavi Hernández as a coach, the great presidential crisis or the departure of Argentine star Leo Messi.

HACHE collaborates, in this way, in one of its greatest productions, not only in terms of projection but also in terms of production, script and editing. After more than a year and a half of filming the Amazon Prime Video docu-series finally airs on screen.